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Marriage and Martinis

Sep 16, 2019

*TRIGGER WARNING: Talk of addiction and being the spouse of an addict.

Adam and Danielle have experienced both sides of gambling: the fun, exciting side, when winning is an adrenaline rush and getting caught up in the moment feels incredibly fun and exhilarating. But they've also experienced the much more negative aspects of gambling and what can happen when that feeling becomes an escape that starts to get all too familiar and frequent.

This episode is really two parts: the first part has a lighter, more nostalgic tone, looking back on how growing up an hour from Atlantic City was a big part of their childhood, and how a portion of the beginning of their relationship was rooted in the more glamorous side of casinos and spending money. The second part delves more deeply into the serious side of when gambling becomes an addiction rather than a once-in-a-while activity. The financial ramifications, mistrust, and spiraling out of control are just a few of the harsh realities they were forced to ultimately face and deal with. How did they deal with it? What were the next steps? Listen to the episode to find out how this regular couple dealt with critical circumstances.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, there is absolutely no shame in getting help. 

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