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Marriage and Martinis

Feb 17, 2020

These days it can be overwhelming to figure out exactly what terms like "self-care" and "wellness" actually mean. Do self-care and health have to align? Has the wellness industry gotten completely out of hand? What are Adam and Danielle's thoughts about incorporating self-care into their everyday lives? What "wellness" products has Danielle bought over the years that Adam has thought were completely ridiculous? This is definitely not your average conversation on these topics, and their opinions probably would not parallel those of most doctors and therapists who discuss forms of self-care and wellness, but it is definitely an honest take on the subject. As confusing as these subjects are, Adam and Danielle are just trying to make sense of it all as regular people who want to live their best life without getting sucked in to the trends and fads that oftentimes sway people into believing there's a "magical" solution to so many of our problems.

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