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Marriage and Martinis

Feb 24, 2020

It's been over twenty years since Danielle and Adam were in the dating game. They asked millennial reality star (Bravo's "Summer House") and stand-up comic, Hannah Berner, to fill them in on everything they're missing. Danielle and Adam quickly find out they are way too old, exhausted, and lame to partake in the single lifestyle of today. Hannah very patiently explains apps like Tinder and Hinge, and hilariously breaks down some of the worst dates and relationships she's ever had (don't listen around the kids). Danielle has to refrain from being the big sister/mom advice-giver and just listen as Hannah details some of her most awkward and questionable moments trying to find a life partner. Adam feels as though he's being spoken to in a different language (what's an "eskimo sister," anyway?) with all the lingo that Hannah introduces to them. Danielle and Adam learned a lot (maybe too much) this episode and had so much fun with Hannah as she talked to them about trying to date and balance her life as an up-and-coming "entrepreneurial powerhouse." 

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