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Marriage and Martinis

Apr 29, 2019

A recent study shows that 86% of us are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by a this ongoing burden that is now finally being labeled as, "The Mental Load." In honor of Mother's Day, which is quickly approaching, Adam and Danielle sat down with resident Life Coach Amy Alpert to discuss how moms, especially, seem...

Apr 22, 2019

Danielle and Adam are taking you back to when it all first started: meeting, re-meeting, wedding planning, those first few years of marriage, and everything in between. Anyone engaged or newly married will definitely want to hear this episode. Anyone who was married at a younger age will understand how there are so...

Apr 18, 2019

We're so tired of there still being things that we should feel shameful to admit out loud even in 2019. Topics that are considered "taboo" such as parenting hardships, sexual preferences, being on anxiety medication, bottle feeding, breastfeeding in public, (among so many others) need to be discussed as often as it...

Apr 15, 2019

So many of us would love to attend couples’ therapy on a regular basis. However, due to reasons such as financial issues, lack of childcare and a partner’s unwillingness to attend, it’s often just not in the cards. Lasting marriage counseling app is offering an affordable and convenient solution to all of that. We...

Apr 8, 2019

Adam & Danielle discuss personal finances with Joel from the How To Money Podcast in this 2nd part episode.

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