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Marriage and Martinis

Feb 10, 2020

Danielle and Adam delve more deeply into their discussion with their special guests (Danielle's parents) during this episode, including a lightening round of listener questions. How was Linda so confident with her laid back parenting style? What was her parenting philosophy when she took Danielle to see an R rated movie at three years old? What does Danielle still remember her mom telling her about sex as a teenager? About what issue did the couple most commonly fight? How did Ron's arduous, high-stress career affect his role as a spouse and what did he learn over the years concerning "taking work home?" What was a time during their marriage when they almost didn't last? How would they sum up the secrets to it all in just a few sentences? And the most commonly asked question of all: is sex still a priority after almost sixty years together?

Marriage and Martinis is so lucky to have such an experienced couple who has stood the test of time come on as guests. Thank you to all our listeners who sent messages and kind comments about these episodes. They are near and dear to Adam and Danielle's heart and they think everyone can benefit from listening to a couple who has shown teamwork, compromise, gratitude, and generosity to one another for six decades together.

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