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Marriage and Martinis

Nov 25, 2019

In theory, the holidays are an amazing time of year and should feel completely magical. In reality, there are a thousand tasks to get done, anxiety levels are heightened, family time can be overwhelming, and it's all expensive AF. Life coach Amy sits down with Adam and Danielle to discuss ways that we can ensure that this year will be more enjoyable for everyone. Being more intentional with our time, remembering acts of self-care, communication with our partner, and seeing the bigger picture are just some of the ways that help lessen the intensity of it all and allow us to focus on the more memorable details. This episode is fun and light, but also definitely covers a lot of topics and gives a ton of useful strategies and ideas. 

Amy, Adam and Danielle each discuss memories of the holidays from childhood.

What are Adam and Danielle doing differently with their kids this year concerning gift giving?

How bad at math is Danielle, really? (It's really bad)

What can spouses do to make each other feel more comfortable while at one another's family's houses for the holidays?

What are some ways we can make parties and gatherings easier for introverts?

How do we figure out how we want to look back on this season and feel about it all?

What steps do we take to get wind up with successful results?

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