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Marriage and Martinis

Sep 30, 2019

Kim Cavill is a sex educator and host of the podcast “Six Minute Sex Ed,” meant to help start the conversation between parents and kids about all things sex and sexuality related. As a sex-positive parent, she is attempting to get rid  of the shame that surrounds the teachings of sex that currently exist in schools today. We discuss age-appropriate conversations no matter how old your kids are, where and when the best times to open a dialogue are, which parent should be the one leading the discussion, and so much more. Kids deserve a more positive understanding of how sex can impact our lives, and not just learn about it from a risk-based approach. Giving them a safe space at home to feel they can ask any question is the first step as parents if we want to truly bridge the gap on this topic with our children. No matter the age of your kids or if you’re maybe planning on having kids sometime in the future, this is definitely a very important and insightful episode.

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