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Marriage and Martinis

Nov 11, 2019

Danielle and Adam have always been very honest that finance has been a big source of stress in their relationship. They've had periods of feeling like they were in a really good place concerning money, and times when it has been a complete disaster. This episode, unlike the other finance episodes they had a few months ago, are not with experts giving advice, but rather, just their personal experiences with finance, both growing up and as a couple. They discuss everything from how Danielle deciding to be a SAHM affected their situation, to Adam's period of binge-spending as a way to deal with his hardships, and how their lack of communication made everything worse. This episode is very relatable for any partner who has ever felt there was a great imbalance concerning spending in their own marriage, and for any couple who is finally trying to get their life back on track.

Adam and Danielle discuss:

- How private school impacted their feelings of inadequacy and jealousy

-Adam's obsession with buying a house he couldn't afford

-Danielle wanting Adam to prove his willingness to spend on her when he bought her expensive jewelry

-The feeling of having your credit card declined in public

-The purchase Adam made that Danielle wanted to smash to pieces

-How they used spending money together as a form of therapy

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