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Marriage and Martinis

Jan 27, 2020

Everything surrounding divorce and blending families can be messy, chaotic, and traumatic for everyone involved if people don't know the healthiest ways to go about this process. Naja Hall is a leading coach, mentor, and podcaster whose goal is to help families through these transitions in the smoothest way possible. She talks to Danielle all about the negative stigmas associated with being stepparents, her own experience as a stepmom of three children, whether it's possible to actually have an amicable divorce, and so much more. She also helps those of us who have friends and families facing these situations know the most effective ways to be there for them. Even if you have never been through a separation and don't ever plan on blending your family, there is still so much to learn in this episode. It's also an awesome episode to share with anyone who might need some more support going through these events. 

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Naja Hall:

Check out her facebook groups VIP Stepmom and Blended and Black for more support and expertise on this subject.

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