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Marriage and Martinis

Jan 30, 2020

"A Marriage Story" is up for tons of awards this year, including best picture. Adam and Danielle wanted to release a bonus episode discussing the movie because it delves into a process so seldom seen and dissected. Whether or not a person loves the movie, it definitely offers a ton of interesting details concerning why so many couples enter into a separation with good intentions and the desire to remain friends, only to be miserable and spiteful by the end. In this episode, the two break down the film's background, characters, and pivotal scenes. As a couple who has not faced divorce on a technical level, but has come close to separation more than once, looking in on this process from the outside opened their eyes to so many aspects about which they never before know. Some questions explored in this episode are:

Too often does too much go unsaid in a marriage?

Could Charlie and Nicole's Marriage have been saved?

Was Nicole fighting dirty or just doing what she thought was best for her and her son?

Why do two obviously good and caring parents suddenly get treated like a possibly unfit mother and father just because they're entering into a separation?

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