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Marriage and Martinis

Nov 18, 2019

Last weekend Danielle went to see Glennon Doyle live in NYC, and during the show, writer and activist, Glennon, said something that was a gut punch to Danielle. She was talking about how one day when she was in her former marriage, she looked around and said, "Isn't it all supposed to be more beautiful than this." It was this phrase that initiated Danielle's idea for her and Adam to check in with each other about needs they might still have within their relationship. What are they not getting enough of which they still desire? What are they currently kicking butt at in their relationship? How has everything been between them these past few months? John Gottman says that the number one questions spouses need to be asking each more is, "how are you doing?" and that is exactly what Danielle hopes this episode will lead to in more relationships.

In this episode, Danielle discusses why aging makes it even more important for partners to show love to one another.

Adam discusses how he snapped out of being in a bad mood every night after work.

The two debate how important romance is in a relationship even if everything else between the partners is completely fine.

Danielle describes what she and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman have in common.

Adam talks about needing to take baby steps when getting back to a place they were before.

Danielle reads an excerpt from one of her favorite books, "Love Warrior."

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