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Marriage and Martinis

Sep 5, 2019

 Adam and Danielle continue their Los Angeles adventure by traveling to "The Valley" to meet Erica and Jamilah from the podcast, "Good Moms, Bad Choices." After realizing very quickly that it was fate for the four of them to meet, the conversation got extremely comfortable and there were pretty much no inhibitions about anything. Thus begins the discussion about everything from Danielle's last visit to LA in which she visited the Menendez Brothers (but, for real....), a clarification of what "The Valley" actually is, anyway, and a whole lot of real talk about teaching our daughters about body image, Jamilah's "free the nipple" movement, how old is too old to be naked in front of our kids, and so much more. If you imagine sitting around with your three best friends all day holding nothing back, and someone came in and just recorded the middle hour, that pretty much sums up this episode. It's fun, it's a tad out of control (in the best way possible), and for sure is going to be continued sometime in the near future. 

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