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Marriage and Martinis

Sep 23, 2019

Most people know about Alexis Haines from her role in the notorious group of teenagers who robbed over 3 million dollars in cash and possessions from the houses of Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom and more. She also starred in the E! network reality show, "Pretty Wild." We sat down with Alexis to talk all about this out-of-control time in her life when she was addicted to heroin, was dealing with the trauma of her childhood, and a prison sentence. But what came after this time was a period of healing, hard work and intense recovery. Now a doula, drug counselor, wife and mom, Alexis is actively ensuring people have a safe space to come forward, tell their truth, and do so without shame or judgment. Her podcast, "Recovering From Reality," helps to show people how fulfilling life can be once we embrace our past and deal with our mistakes. *Trigger warning: this episode contains discussion of childhood trauma and drug addiction. This is Alexis's vulnerable and honest story about going from rock bottom to the top of her game.