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Marriage and Martinis

Apr 20, 2020

What happens when two of the most inappropriate, honest, vulnerable, funny marriage podcasts sit down (virtually) together to talk about literally everything, from getting pregnant as a teenager, to infidelity, to sex (and lack thereof)? One hilarious episode that no one wants to miss. Danielle and Adam had a blast chatting with Sara and Sterling of the podcast and Instagram account Not The Worst Marriage. It helped pass the time during quarantine and provided many much needed belly laughs. Definitely take the time to listen to this raw, so-wrong-it's-almost-right, discussion among good friends as they reveal way more than they probably should.

What happened with Sara became pregnant while still in high school?

How did they manage being young parents while going to school and trying to support their new family?

What led them both to cheat, and how did they come back from it?

Why is sex such a critical part of their relationship?

What advice would they give their own kids about choosing a partner?

What is the greatest hurdle of their marriage?