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Marriage and Martinis

Apr 16, 2020

Danielle had the incredible privilege of talking to one of the nation's most respected experts concerning tweens and teens. Dr. Lisa Damour is a top parenting columnist for the New York Times, a regular contributor on CBS News, and a profound public speaker. In this episode, she and Danielle discuss tactics for parents to use when navigating adolescents and the world of social media during quarantine, what rules and boundaries we should have concerning privacy, how sleep is playing a critical role for kids during the time of the pandemic, and so much more. Dr. Damour is both calming and no-nonsense when discussing her philosophies on teenagers. She explains viewpoints in a manner that makes so much sense and can help all parents feel like we can absolutely get through this and communicate with our kids in a way that is firm yet understanding. Right now, her guidance is so incredibly valuable, and Marriage and Martinis is so grateful to be able to share her insight with their community.

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