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Marriage and Martinis

Mar 30, 2020

Now, more than ever, our communication skills are critical to helping the people around us who need to be heard and understood. We may not be able to be there physically for one another, but we can still be a huge source of comfort, support, and consistency for those in our life who rely on us. Our kids are used to having several adult influences throughout the day, and now they are basically reliant on us for all their learning and communication needs. Our partners usually leave and have other connections and shoulders on which to lean. We are taking on a new huge role with them, as well (and they are with us). In this episode, "deep listening" expert Oscar Trimboli discusses several useful, simple strategies we can all use on a daily basis to become more effective listeners, and show up for our people in ways we may not have been before. Only about 2% of the population is skilled in listening, and the rest of us think we know what it means to be active listeners, but really, we have very little understanding about its true meaning. Oscar's goal is to turn 100 million people into better listeners. Danielle and Adam were so excited that he agreed to help them and their audience become some of those people. Some topics in this episode include:

How Oscar became so obsessed with listening, and why he thinks it's the key to success in business, at home, and in society.

What are some ways we can better listen to young children?

What are some ways we can work on keeping calm and not jumping in when having a discussion with our spouse?

What is the 125/400 rule and why is it so crucial?

What are the different levels of deep listening?

How do we show up for the people in our lives who are struggling and truly need someone to be there for them as a listening ear?

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