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Marriage and Martinis

Mar 14, 2020

It's tough to concentrate on anything else right now when the Coronavirus seems to have overtaken every realm of our being, including work, home life, and the media. While there's tons of coverage concerning the physical symptoms and effects, we need to remember to figure out how we can best get through the next few weeks while staying sane and keeping our family as comfortable and mentally stable as possible. We may be stuck in limited settings with a great deal of uncertainty swirling around us, but there are still some things we can control and handle in the most positive and beneficial way possible. Life Coach Amy and Danielle discuss so many of these topics in this episode, including:

- How to deal with disappointment for ourselves and our kids (cancelled sporting events, parties, celebrations, etc.)

- Setting a family meeting to plan and prepare for the weeks to come.

- Figure out ways to focus on things other than the excessive coverage that might be detrimental to our well-being.

- Transitioning from work to working from home (especially with kids around).

- Being more forgiving of ourselves about things like allowing more screen time, cereal for dinner, and allowance on perks/luxuries we might not usually allow for ourselves.

- Turning negative thinking into more positive circumstances. 

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